From Military Life to Civilian Life

From Military Life to Civilian Life: The Transition Experience of Disabled Veterans to a Civilian Workforce & Community Living

Presented by Dr. Luz Semeah, Extension Support Specialist, Employment and Disability Institute, Cornell University

(Co-sponsored by Cornell University’s Disability & Veterans Colleague Network Groups during the Diversity Update Conference) Continue reading

Wortham Museum Open House

The Wortham Military Museum at Cornell University is not a secret. But neither is it a household name. Located on the fourth floor of Barton Hall and overseen by Cornell Army ROTC, the museum was established in 1973 with a bequest from Howard Wortham, Class of 1914.

Come tour the Worttham Museum on Veterans Day, November 11, from 11 AM – 3 PM. At 12:15 PM there will be a speaker and benediction. The speaker will be Seamus Murphy.  Seamus is a sophomore in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences studying International Agriculture and Rural Development.  He spent six years in the US Army as an infantryman and served two tours in Iraq with the 3rd Infantry Division. His awards include the Combat Infantryman’s Badge and the Expert Infantryman’s Badge and he separated at the rank of Staff Sergeant.

Additionally, there will be a reception sponsored by the Veterans CNG from 11 AM – 1 PM.

Find out more about the Wortham Museum at  Wortham museum chronicles Cornell’s military history | Cornell Chronicle.

Military Preview Day @ Johnson

November 14, 2013

Join us for an exciting and thought-provoking keynote with special guest speaker, General George W. Casey, Jr., retired four-star general and chief of staff of the U.S. Army from 2007-2011. Drawing from his extraordinary experiences, General Casey will cover the topics of organizational leadership, innovation, cultural change and more – offering battle-tested lessons that are transferable to effective leadership in business.

Full details @ Military Preview Day

Ithaca College’s Eleventh Annual Veterans Day Celebration

Ithaca College’s Eleventh Annual Veterans Day Celebration

Thursday, November 7, 2013 — Noon
Ford Hall, Whalen Center for Music

Master of Ceremonies:  Art Ostrander, Professor Emeritus, Ithaca College

Presentation of Colors:  Ithaca College/Cornell University ROTC Color Guard

Guest Speaker:  Frederick Keener, Retired Lieutenant, US Navy

Music:  Ithaca College Brass Choir and Ithaca College VoICes

For more information, email or call 607-274-3620

Sponsored by the Ithaca College Veterans Day Committee, School of Music, and Division of Finance and Administration

Individuals with disabilities requiring accommodations should contact Sue DuBrava at 607-274-3620 or  We ask that request for accommodations be made as soon as possible.


The IC Veterans website has all this and more information:

Veterans CNG minutes for 2013-09-16

Veterans Colleague Networking Group 16 Sep 2013

Attendees were Rob Morris, Kevin Justian, Bob Stundtner, Vernetta
Kinchen, Emily Franco, Sue Withers, Glenn Larratt, Craig Wiggers,
Steve Headrick, Brendan Kraft, Tim Wilson, John Keefe, Rick Roper,
Kathy Fahey and Michele Fish.

Emily Franco called the meeting to order at 1211 with a round of

At 1214, Kathy Fahey, the Director of Student Disability Services,
gave a talk on her organization.

Student Disability Services reports up through University Health
Services; their mission is

1. To work in partnership with the campus community to facilitate
reasonable accommodations so that students with disabilities have
equitable access to the university’s programs and services.
2. To protect students from discrimination on the basis of

“Equitable” means access that is as effective and meaningful as that
enjoyed by the students’ non-disabled peers. There are seven
categories of disabilities, but the manifestations (and therefore
the effects and necessary assistance/accommodations) are frequently

SDS has points of contact with a large variety of campus and other
entities. Disability accommodations *must* be requested by the
student and non-obvious disabilities must be documented to SDS
(although that information is privileged and only ever shared on
a need-to-know basis).

There was some discussion of the issues involved in reaching out to
our respective communities; topics included the distribution of
orientation material via Admissions, the cross-inking of our websites
and other materials, etc. There was also discussion of adding
veteran-specific content to SDS’ Faculty Handbook.

At 1248, we turned to priority project updates. Bob Stundtner and
Dave Juers are that committee addressing a Veterans Day / Vietnam
Veterans Commemorative Partnership event; Rick Roper will be joining
that committee. There is the notion of a November meting in Annabel
Taylor, partially in response to a trustee query regarding the
remembrances of those who have fallen in recent actions.

At 1255, Rick reported on the Moakley house event; it was lightly
attended, and Rick reports two new contacts.

At 1257, Cassie Joseph reported on efforts to get Hannah Rudstam to
speak to our group; Hannah’s travel schedule may preclude that
happening any time soon. Here assistance, Luz Semeah, might be
available. Cassie is also looking to incorporate Hannah’s presentation
into the conference, noting sponsorship both by us and DCNG.

At 1303, Brendan Kraft reported on Team Red, White, and Blue, with
some open issues regarding iteraction between our organization and
Team RWB. To set up a chapter, there are various positions to be
filled: Chapter Captain (which would be Brendan), Social Networking
chair, Athletics Directory, Financial Manager, Communications and
Outreach, others. Brendan is working to schedule some Team RWB
events starting the first week of October, in a particular a
moderate-pace walk/jog event and a “PT stud” activity.

Brendan also reports that the folks at The Mission Continues
( contacted him to ask if he’d represent them in
a New York City marathon as a challenge fundraiser. He will be doing
so; a message will go out to the mailing list reporting this
activity and providing information for any who wish to donate.

Emily reports a Trailblazers event is happening on September 26th,
form 5:30-7:00. Brendan has  conflict; he will ask Amy if she can
be there. Information on this event will be distributed to the
mailing list.

No new information is to be had as yet regarding Yellow Ribbon slots.

We have a new blog site, ; minutes
will be posted there in addition to the Confluence site.

At 1323, Kevin Justian reported on an increase in traffic to his new
office. The first e-claim was filed from this office (in fact, one of
the first in the nation). Feedback from veterans so far: complaints
about Yellow Ribbon eligibility; housing allowance included as income
in Financial Aid’s need calculations; non-specificity of student
orientation. The consortium has its next meeting on October 8th;
Cornell is hosting the consortium meeting on February 12th.

Adjourned at 1328.


Team RWB Ithaca 5K run at Plantations

We had a great 5K Running Tour courtesy of Sarah and Ray from Cornell Plantations. We even learned about two more Veteran memorials that we can add to our list @

coming out of the woods above the Houston Pond

still going strong

they keep coming

We had a great turnout, 10 folks were there for Team RWB!

The Floriculture Department memorial to students killed in WWI and WWII

rest stop

Taking a bit of a breather to hear about the Floriculture Memorial in the Arboretum.

our first stop

Sackett Bridge at the head of Beebe Lake, named in honor of Colonel Henry Woodward Sackett.

Military personnel and veterans find success at Cornell – CornellCast

Cornell University recruits and employs the most talented individuals, including dedicated service men and women whose values closely align with the university’s. Here, veterans and military personnel will find opportunities to advance the greater good, contribute leadership and technical skills, and take advantage of educational, professional and work/life benefits that are specific to their needs.

view the video @ Military personnel and veterans find success at Cornell – CornellCast.