Veteran Entrepreneurial Assistance Program @ SUNY Broome

Below is the flyer for a Veteran’s 20-hour mini-entrepreneurial assistance program.

The program is targeted to veterans but is open to anyone considering a business start-up or expansion of an existing business.

The program fee is only $10 and would normally cost $1,200.

Instruction will be focused on the business idea/concept, market research, competitive analysis, basic marketing, sales goals, and basic finances and financial worksheets.

Registration can be done online at or by calling SUNY Broome at: 607-778-5012
SUNY Broome accepts MasterCard and Visa for the $10 fee.

Flyer for VETERAN EAP2015

Cornell Wellness hiring a part time dietitian

Cornell Wellness is hiring a part time dietitian (5-10 hour/week, no benefits).

People must apply through the Cornell Jobs website:

Part Time Nutritionist

Job Information:

  • · Title: Part Time Wellness Nutritionist
  • · 5-10 hours per week. Flexible scheduling can be arranged.
  • · Available immediately
  • · Year round position

Job Duties:

  • Provide ongoing nutrition consultation and counseling to Wellness members and Cornell Fitness Center members
  • Conduct 3-day diet analyses using a computer database
  • Schedule and confirm own meetings
  • Advanced job duties
    •  graduate dietetic intern
    • Take active role in support groups such as the Diabetes Support Group and/or the Weight Loss Support Group
  • Offer cooking demonstrations for Cornell departments

Job Requirements:

  • · Must have RD credential
  • · Strong interest in health promotion and prevention.
  • · Strong communication and counseling skills.
  • · Knowledge of nutrition databases

The Cornell University Wellness Program provides employees with the educational and physical opportunities that promote positive lifestyle behaviors, enhancing the social, physical, intellectual, emotional, occupational and spiritual dimensions of one’s life.


Further information about our program is available at

Workplace Flexibility Training Programs – start this Friday!

The following training programs on topics related to flexible work are open to all Cornell employees.  If you have any questions about the programs, please don’t hesitate to contact me at or 255-5298.   

(This week!) Flexible Work at Cornell: Tools for Supervisors Register
Friday, February 13, 12:00-1:00 pm, 102 Mann Library

The following topics will be covered in this program:

  • Cornell University’s policy on workplace flexibility
  • Types of flexibility and the benefits/challenges associated with each
  • Helping employees put together thoughtful flexible work proposals
  • How to review and evaluate flexible work proposals
  • Integrating flexible work in a manner that helps meet/exceed objectives
  • Managing performance and the success of arrangements
  • Addressing issues of equality and fairness

Flexible Work at Cornell: Tools for EmployeesRegister
Thursday, February 26, 12:00-1:00 pm, 102 Mann Library

The following topics will be covered in this program:

  • Cornell University’s policy on workplace flexibility
  • Types of flexibility and how to determine what will be a good fit for your work style and position responsibilities
  • How to propose a flexible work arrangement
  • Expectations of employees on flexible work arrangements
  • Tips for success, managing your performance, and staying connected to your workgroup
  • Being a part of a flexible work culture
  • Resources available to help you be successful in your arrangement

Tech That Can Save You a TripRegister
March 3, 9:30-10:30 am, 226 Weill Hall

Interested in learning more about how you can interact, share, and collaborate with people based somewhere else, without having to get in the car? CIT offers many services to Cornell faculty, students, and staff that make it easier for people to work together, no matter where they’re located. There will be opportunities during the meeting to learn from the hosts about other ways to reduce carbon output, and a representative of Cornell human resources will be on hand to answer questions about options that are available at the university to support flexible arrangements.

Presented by Matt Klein, Cornell Information Technologies. Matt helps members of the Cornell community find the right mix of centrally supported collaboration services to fit the work they need to do. If you’d prefer to try out one of the technologies and attend from your desk, on the day of the presentation by going here. Sponsored by Cornell Transportation, Human Resources and Safety Services, and Way2Go, a non-profit of Cornell Cooperative Extension for Tompkins County.

Twin Tiers Honor Flight

Twin Tiers Honor Flight has reason to celebrate the new year: the locally recognized hub of the national Honor Flight Network has received federal tax-exempt status just in time for their winter fundraising campaign.   Previously supported through Social Ventures Inc., the organization is now able to directly accept tax-deductible donations that will send World War II, Korean War, and terminally ill veterans to Washington D.C. to visit their war memorials and Arlington National Cemetery.  Corporate sponsors and individual donors are invited to help sponsor the next mission, which is scheduled for Fathers Day, June 21, 2015 from Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport.   This will be the third trip for the hub, which to date has honored over one hundred veterans. Continue reading