Cornell announces historic collaboration with U.S. Military

Cornell has announced a history making collaboration with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). In a sweeping move closely tied to Cornell’s rich military tradition, the DoD and Cornell have jointly announced that Cornell will be the pilot University for a new program to enhance American military capabilities. Full integration will occur by the fall of 2016. Highlights of this plan include:

  • Cornell will convert all current students to ROTC cadets. Current students will have the option to leave Cornell and vacancies will be filled with veterans.
  • Cornell will convert all staff positions to Armed Forces positions. Faculty and Senior Administrators will become officers and staff will become enlisted. Branch of Service (Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard) will be assigned at the discretion of the relevant Dean. As with students, faculty and staff who do not want to become military members will be allowed to leave the University.
  • Physical Training (PT) will be mandatory for all Cornell faculty, staff and students. By way of acknowledging the flexibility of the collegiate atmosphere PT will only be mandatory three days each week (instead of the usual five) and there will be morning, lunchtime and evening options.
  • All dining facilities will be taken over by the US Navy. We are fortunate in this as it is widely acknowledged that Navy chow is the best.
  • Many facilities will be repurposed, notably the Robert Trent Jones Golf Course will become a Field Training site, so cadets and cadre (as faculty and staff will now be referred to) do not have to travel to Ft. Drum for exercises.
  • “Cornell has an amazing variety of building structures,” one DoD official noted. “We are exploring how to move our Urban Warfare Training Center to CORNELL, which could become one of our premier training facilities, the Combat Oriented Retention and New Enlistment Leadership Location.
  • Cornell will transition to Military time (24-hour clock) and date system (day month year format). Also, all meetings will be scheduled based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT / UTC), henceforth referred to as Zulu.
  • For more details about this historic collaboration see the website at:

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